New Weight Loss Procedure Leaves No Scar

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- A combined approach by cosmetic physician Dr B. Quebbemann and a scientific device business in America to reduce obesity has led to the creation of a new Spider system which could remove the need for gastric bypasses and the Lap-Band.

Most effective diet pills
- A simple medical device created to decrease your stomach down to 20% of its general facility, the Spider enters through a small cut in your belly button before its mechanical arms unfold inside to initiate the surgery.

Believed to be called ‘Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy’, this device has essentially been manufactured to help severely overweight consumers; however it has also been promising for patients with a Body Mass Index of between 30 and 35.

Why it is good?

Whereas gastric bypasses cause meals to detour around your stomach and Lap-Bands produce a small pocket above your stomach, the Spider does not influence nutrition and is perfect for slimmers who don’t want an artificial device in their abdomen.

Is it safe to use?

Despite the device has been recommended by the FDA, not much is known about the dangers and long term benefits of using the gadget.

Dieticians warn that the surgery can: cause injury to your stomach, intestines and organs (whilst the surgery is taking place); drip from the line where your stomach has been stapled together; become swollen around the stomach lining contributing to heartburn and stomach ulcers and prompt vomiting when you eat too much food.

And this device certainly is no weight loss cure…

Consumers are suggested to incorporate a nutritious eating plan and exercise regularly (after the surgery) or they may experience minimal weight loss.

Is there another option?

For danger free, safe organic fat loss, eating healthy and exercising often can trigger the weight loss you want.

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